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From:Haydies Date:November 2 2003 2:21pm
Subject:Re: GUI interface
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Ye, me to, only its solaris 9. Dosn't matter what server you have

phpMyAdmin is cool, I use it most of the time. Runs on the apache server
(also solaris), works like a dream in every browser I have used.... so its
fairly platform independant. :-)

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if you want a windows client, get MySqlCC right off the home page  I'm using htis in the exact setup you mentioned.

a webclient? ->

There are more....these are free.


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Hello.  I'm looking for a GUI client that will run under Windows 2000 and
attach to Solaris 8 server that will allow me to see all the tables and
in my mysql database.

Thanks for any help.

Thank you,
Alisa Brouwer
Network Administrator
eServ, LLC
8200 North Allen Road
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 691-4957  ext. 1033
cell - (309) 645-5318

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