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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 11:08pm
Subject:Something's rotten
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>>>>> "Mogens" == Mogens Melander <mogens@stripped> writes:

Mogens> Hi,
Mogens> Last week my disk ran full, resulting in my statistics database scripts
Mogens> stopped working. This is kinda ok, but, after shutting down the server,
Mogens> freeing a lot of space and recovering the tables, using isamchk -r, i
Mogens> would expect things to be back to normal. It's not.

Mogens> I'm importing somthing like 1+ mill. records, one time every 24 hours,
Mogens> consolidating the data and delete anything thats more than 3 months old,
Mogens> from the imported data. I was under the impresion that the "isamchk -r"
Mogens> function would rebuild indexes on the table, but it looks like im wrong.

Mogens> I keep getting an error stating that my database is corrupt

Mogens> "ERROR 1034 at line 1: Incorrect key file for table: 'transfer'. Try to
Mogens> repair it"

Mogens> So here's my question. what do i do, short of, export,drop,create 
Mogens> and import.

Mogens> BTW. This setup is on Slackware 3.4, Kernel 2.0.34 and MySQL 3.22.25


isamchk -r should correct the table!

Are you sure you didn't have mysqld running while you run the above?

If this is the case, take down mysqld and repair it again !

You can always check that a table is ok by using:

isamchk table_name

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