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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 11:47pm
Subject:parser bug?
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>>>>> "miso" == miso  <miso@stripped> writes:

miso> Hello,
miso> I have just deleted some records from my table caused by
miso> what I think was a bug in the query parser.

miso> Here's the query:

>> delete from FOO where CODE = 'BAR' AND DATE '1999-08-05';

miso> The query took out all records with 'BAR' code. I just
miso> forgot the equal sign after DATE. so the query should have
miso> been:

>> delete from FOO where CODE = 'BAR' AND DATE='1999-08-05';

miso> I would expect a syntax error in this case, right?

miso> I am using: 3.22.20a, for pc-linux-gnu on i686


No, this isn't a parser bug.  The 'DATE' is a ANSI SQL cast for the
string to a date value.

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