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From:Leo Date:November 11 2003 1:16am
Subject:Re: Complex query woes
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hi Steffan,

i already email you about the null result,
it should be eliminated with a where statement (not including null value)

and about the long time it took,
maybe you shuld add some index to your table...

i suggest

alter table customer add index parents (pid);
alter table customer add index my_id (id);

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  Subject: Re: Complex query woes


      Thanks for the quick reply. There was a typo but I fixed it. Below is
  what I used after correcting it :

  select, building.bldgname, from customers mgr left
  join customers building on left join customers tenant on group by,, order by, building.bldgname,;

  This was closer. Problem now is that it took 6.56 seconds and returned 610
  rows. I have no idea how I now have 610 rows where there are only 279. Any
  thing else you would suggest?



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