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From:Martijn Tonies Date:November 10 2003 10:50am
Subject:Re: ANN: Database Workbench 2.4 released
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Hi Nils,

> How do I install this tool on a Unix, Linux or BSD based machine ?

The tool itself is Windows based - however, people are running
it under Wine and similar emulators. See
for an example.

> Why does it say on the page
> 1) Receiving upgrades is not time limited.
> and 2)
> The license itself isn't time limited - but there is a 20% yearly renewal
> for maintenance and support (updates etc) on the driver after the first

The (2) part comes from a different product: "InterXpress for Firebird" and
is not related to Database Workbench. There's a different header on the
webpage above that part.

> I found this
> a) confusing and
> b) I would prefer a one time fee.

If you read it like that, it actually is confusing :-) ... Is your web-page
perhaps messed up? The page is tested with IE and Opera and looks fine
in both.

> The module system  is probably a nice idea, but shouldnt that allow to
> the drivers for a reasonable price ?

You are mixing two things, the driver product has nothing to do with
Database Workbench.

> I found 435$ for the full module software to expensive. I can get similar
> better software easily for under 100$ - ( sometimes even free) which offer
> more features and reliability than your product.

I'm surprised you can say something like that just a few hours after release

Take another look: if you want to use Database Workbench for MySQL only,
you can purchase a license for Euro 109,- not Euro 435,- ... If you want
database engines supported, the license price will increase.

> If you have the luck to find customers which are willing to pay this, than
> are probably the most terrific sales person  around for a while.
> All power to you.

The InterBase and Firebird modules of Database Workbench have been
successfull for quite some years and include many useful tools not offered
in order applications. The "per database engine" modules allow you to
make a difference between a "one size fits all" product, but still have the
ability to use tools like the Test Data Generator or Schema Migration tool
without the need to buy licenses for hundreds or thousands of Euros.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - developer tool for InterBase, Firebird & MS SQL Server.
Upscene Productions

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