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From:Gerald Clark Date:October 6 1999 2:37pm
Subject:Re: Newbie has some introduction questions.
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Eric Wood wrote:
> 1.  Just started playing with MySql.  It there any GUIs (KDE or GNOME) that
> aids me in a mysql database design?  Or is the mysql client all there is so
> far?

I like xmysql and xmysqladmin.

> 2.  The PHP manual doesn't have a code example for every one of the
> mysql_xxx functions.  Can I find them somewhere else?
> 3.  Is there a utility that can convert a dBASE (or similar) file into a set
> of mysql files (.ISD, .ISM, .frm)?  The reason, is that I can form and
> populate a table quickly under Paradox, Quattro, etc.

dbf2mysql may work for you.  There are two versions on the site.
One handles memo fields, one does not. Other field types may need to be
The one that does not include memo fields, converts bool fields to
enum(Y,N), and can optionally add _rec(Autoincrement) and
_timestamp(timestamp) fields during conversion.

If Paradox and Quattro are on windows, you can use MyODBC.

> Right now, it looks like I have to create a table with 'mysql' and use
> 'mysqlimport' for initial population.
> Thanks for your time.
> -Eric Wood
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