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From:Vivek Khera Date:April 8 1999 3:23pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD3.x RELEASE
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>>>>> "k" == kvgu  <kvgu@stripped> writes:

k> w.r.t FreeBSD...  I recently installed the MYSQL pkg on a 3.1 box and am
k> wondering why they have decided to configure the datadir on /var rather
k> than the standard /usr/local... Seems strange place to put it to me, but I
k> figure there must be some reason...

I think the theory is that /usr is a read-only file system (except for 
software updates) and all per-system local data that varies (changes)
goes in /var. 

That's how I build my systems.  It makes for much easier management
when you can just rdist the whole /usr to all machines and not worry
about losing per-machine differences.


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