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From:trogers Date:October 29 2003 7:08am
Subject:help with startup accesss
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I've reinstalled my system (Mac OS 10.3 Server).
In trying to get MySQL going again.  I can run mysql_install_db, but I 
can't access the mysql db and I can not set a root user password.
If I try to login: mysql -u root
it says access denied to root@localhost.

If I simply type "mysql" (no quotes) I get into MySQL, but cannot 
affect the MySQL db.

I seem to remember that perhaps the answer is to chown -R on MySQL's 
data files, but I'm not sure where/which those are!

I have the following:
/var/mysql/ (2 folders are in there 'test' and 'mysql', among a few 
other files -- that must be the mysql db?); I also have 
/usr/share/mysql/ (in here are the .cnf files, e.g., my-huge.cnf, et 
al).  I do not see a folder called "data" anywhere, or I haven't found 
it.  :-(

HELP, please?

Ted R.

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