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From:Bill Hess Date:October 26 2003 1:01pm
Subject:Spatial Exts in MySQL - converting to SRID values...
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I am new to the world of GIS and have an application where I would like 
to use MySQL's (found in 4.1 alpha currently) Spatial Extensions.  I 
have a set of latitude and longitude for various locations and am trying 
to figure out how to convert to the SRID units.  I have started going 
thru the tons of info on OpenGIS and other related map projection sites, 
but it currently seems overwhelming.  Has anyone out there converted 
from lat/long to SRID units for point geometry type in MySQL??

If there are any sites or otherrefs for a beginning tutorial on GIS 
topics please forward.  I have been looking at PROJ.4 lib for performing 
these conversions - I am on the right track?   Thanks in advance...


Bill Hess

Spatial Exts in MySQL - converting to SRID values...Bill Hess26 Oct