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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 8 1999 11:53am
Subject:Re: User authentication and multiple databases (newbie question?)
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At 2:49 AM -0500 4/8/1999, Thomas Olsson wrote:
>I am developing an application where I want to use multiple databases.
>Different users should only have access to one of these. For this I
>would like to store the user information i each database, instead of in
>the 'mysql' database. How ever I have failed to get this to work.
>Now, after reading a lot of documentation and HOWTOs I have not been
>able to find any instance that describes the kind of thing I mention
>above. Is this not possible? I have been trying to set something up that
>resembles the tables in the mysql database for authentication purpose,
>but have not been succesful. Is there some way of obtaining something
>like what I am describing above without to much hassle and "dirty"
>I am perfectly aware of the tables User, Host and Db, from which one can
>set up access privileges for different databases and do everything I'm
>asking for. But what I don't like is the fact that all the users has to
>reside in the same table. I can potentially get many users.

The grant tables are indexed, can you explain why having "many users"
is a problem?

>Also I want the individual users to be able to change their password and
>to reduce security problems I thought of separating the users into
>separate databases.

What are the "security problems" you hope to reduce?

Users can change their passwords now using MySQL's own security.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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