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From:Kelley Lingerfelt Date:October 22 2003 6:39am
Subject:Re: Access my mysql db remotely...
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Or just use an ssh tunnel to access it and then the firewall stays intact, and with the
tunnel, it will be a local user, and it can come from any
address, and all the database is concerned with is localhost access.


Antony Dovgal wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:00:13 +0800
> "Hiu Yen Onn" <yohiu@stripped> wrote:
> > i want to create a user who access from internet remotely to my db (outside
> > firewall)?
> > what is the solution then? how can i define the user accoutn?
> > user@???WHAT_SHOULD_I_PUT_HERE???
> if your firewall allows other users to connect to your host using port 3306 (which is
> default for MySQL), then you should put there user's hostname.
> smthng like this:
> user@stripped
> ---
> WBR,
> Antony Dovgal aka tony2001
> tony2001@stripped
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