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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 5 1999 7:11pm
Subject:ms access, mysql and relationships
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Rankin <brankin@stripped> writes:

Brian> Hello,
Brian> I have an Access97 db with tables I want to export to a mysql
Brian> database, then link those SQL tables back to the Access interface (the
Brian> users want to maintain the Access front end but use the mysql server).
Brian> I can export & link the tables to mySQL just fine using myODBC.  The
Brian> procedure doesn't replace the old Access tables but creates new linked
Brian> Access tables with slightly different table names. However: the 
Brian> relationships between Access tables don't transfer over to the linked
Brian> Access tables. The Access relationships in this db are quite complex.  
Brian> Does anyone know of a relatively simple way to transfer Access table
Brian> relationships to other Access tables? I'm hoping someone on this list has
Brian> already dealt with this problem.  The Microsoft solution is to use the
Brian> Upsize To SQL-Server Wizard, but that only works with MS-SQL.

Brian> Sincerely,

Brian> Brian Rankin


Access uses foreign key definitions to handle table relationship.  As
MySQL will not store these relationships until 4.0, you must handle
these in your own code.

ms access, mysql and relationshipsBrian Rankin30 Sep
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