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From:Bernd Tannenbaum Date:October 21 2003 11:40am
Subject:Re: export to textfile
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Hello....and ty for the fast answers, but....

Am Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2003 13:10 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Bernd
> If you are just interested in dumping the data in CSV (or whatever) format
> you can do it like so:
> '\n' FROM  arb_table
> WHERE arb_conditions

Well, my problem is i need to export from a script (currently bash-script in 
Linux) so im looking for the options to give with "mysql -e".
What u wrote in ur mail, i found too. But how do i give the "FIELDS TERMINATED 
BY" option in the command line of a script.

Example for import (working fine):
./mysqlimport --local --fields-terminated-by=';' 
--columns=record_type,...[...] dbname /PATH/file --password=xxx

Now the export (not working)
./mysql FIELDS TEMINATED BY ';' --skip-column-names -e "select 
ek_satzart,[...] from table" dbname > /PATH/file --password=xxxx

See, me wants to add options like "Fields terminated by" or other stuff to the 
command-line-export and i cannot find an explanation of Synatx here. In ur 
example u just export from within the db which is explained fine in the 
dokumentation but not what i need....

Hope i made the problem more clear now.


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