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From:Ed Carp Date:October 16 2003 7:22am
Subject:RE: printing reports
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> About Access I can only say that it's very useful tool for a lot of
> people and there is a lot of places where it makes perfect sense to
> use Access.  I don't claim it's a perfect reporting tool for all kind
> of reports, but depending on the requirements it may be the right tool
> for a specific problem/user combination.  (I will not go into details
> as this is not important for this discussion; I am sure anyone with a
> little goodwill can come up with a scenario where Access would be a
> reasonable solution).

I certainly can.  We have a client who is using Access as a report
writer/generator for a back-end SQL Server database, whom we are trying to
convince to move to MySQL on the back-end.  One of the advantages to using
Access on the front end is that there's little work that needs to be done to
move their reports and data from SQL Server to MySQL (just regenerate the
ODBC links from SQL Server to MySQL and you're pretty much done), and the
end-users all love Access for its ease in producing reports.

Anything else more "powerful" would be unusable - when I say "end user",
that's exactly what I mean - very non-technical.  Access is a very good tool
to give them, because they can produce ad-hoc reports to their heart's
content without having to ask the IT staff for assistance.
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