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From:James Cradock Date:October 12 2003 6:21pm
Subject:Re: what means "shell" ?
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>> In the third chapter of the MySQL manual I don't understand the
>> mentioned
>> "shell>". Where must I type in this and the following instructions or
>> what
>> does it mean ?
>> Until now I have found and started the winmysqladmin.exe file. But how
>> to
>> continue ?

My mistake. The "shell" is, in fact, the command-line interface. DOS,
Command Prompt, Terminal, etc, on different operating systems. The
instructions below will tell you, Stefan, how to access mysql.

Sorry if there was any confusion.

> The "shell" is the interactive terminal program, mysql. For Windows, if
> MySQL was installed in C:\mysql, start the Command Prompt from
> Accessories, change to C:\mysql, and type "mysql".
> In Unix, including Linux, BreeBSD and Mac OS X, mysql ought to be in your
> path, which means you should just be able to start a terminal application
> and type "mysql" to begin.

James Cradock, jcradock@stripped

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