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From:Thomas Olsson Date:April 8 1999 7:49am
Subject:User authentication and multiple databases (newbie question?)
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I am developing an application where I want to use multiple databases.
Different users should only have access to one of these. For this I
would like to store the user information i each database, instead of in
the 'mysql' database. How ever I have failed to get this to work.

Now, after reading a lot of documentation and HOWTOs I have not been
able to find any instance that describes the kind of thing I mention
above. Is this not possible? I have been trying to set something up that
resembles the tables in the mysql database for authentication purpose,
but have not been succesful. Is there some way of obtaining something
like what I am describing above without to much hassle and "dirty"

I am perfectly aware of the tables User, Host and Db, from which one can
set up access privileges for different databases and do everything I'm
asking for. But what I don't like is the fact that all the users has to
reside in the same table. I can potentially get many users. 

Also I want the individual users to be able to change their password and
to reduce security problems I thought of separating the users into
separate databases. 

Greatful for any help and all pointers.

User authentication and multiple databases (newbie question?)Thomas Olsson8 Apr
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