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From:dan orlic Date:September 27 2003 11:17pm
Subject:complex, to me, insert question
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I have an insert that I have to get to work from the following tables
here is my query:
Select distinct,,, g.description, g.price, g.qty,
g.comments from cp.Category t1, Gifts g, cp.Manufacturer t2, cp.Pattern
t3 where = g.Category and = g.Manfacturer and =
This yields the correct 7 values, now what I want to do is an insert
into Items (above select);
The problem is that table has an addition 4 extraneous fields so as a
result I get a Column count doesn't match value count at row one.
Also, there is an autoincrement Id in that table, but I doun't think
that's an issue.
I just want to put some default "" or now()'s for timestamps for those
remaining values, but I am unsure how to.  Please help.

complex, to me, insert questiondan orlic28 Sep
  • Re: complex, to me, insert questionKelley Lingerfelt28 Sep