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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 27 2003 1:11am
Subject:Re: Can someone explain the difference between these two queries?
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In the last episode (Sep 26), David Griffiths said:
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> Subject: RE: Ideas on creating connections

Please don't hijack threads.

[ snip 2 queries ]
> The first one takes 1.73 seconds, the other takes 0.34 seconds.
> The only difference is the order of the tables (address_list comes
> last in the FROM clause in the first example, and is in the middle of
> the FROM clause in the second example)...

What does an EXPLAIN SELECT .. on both queries print?  LEFT JOINs
definitely impose a table order, and it's possible MySQL is incorrectly
ordering other joins on those tables.  You didn't mention what version
of MySQL you are using, btw.
	Dan Nelson
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