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From:Bob Kline Date:October 4 1999 12:10pm
Subject:Re: DBI prepare error
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On 4 Oct 1999, Deniz Demir wrote:

> Hi,
> As I have written, I have such a error as follow:
> Can't call method "prepare" without a package or object reference...
> Although DBI referenced at the top of the script and this program already
> works in my local system. Please help me quick if you can because I have no
> time I must the our site up which have a huge database in MySQL...
> Does connection error cause this error? or how can I test the whether
> connection established or not?

The last time you posted this problem, you were given the advice:

1. Read the DBD::mysql docs, which shows the syntax for specifying
   connect parameters ("keyword=value;keyword=value...").
2. Read the DBI docs for $DBI::err and $DBI::errstr.  They are your
   friends when things go wrong.  Use them and print them out.

Did you read this documentation?  Which part did you find confusing?
Have you tried making your connect parameters match the syntax given
in the DBD::mysql docs (DBI:mysql:db;keyword=value;keyword=value
...)?  Have you tried using $DBI::errstr?

Bob Kline

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