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From:Yuval Malchi Date:October 4 1999 8:20am
Subject:Help with a select statement
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2 questions:

1. I'm trying to find out which tables are emtpy in my
database using a SQL script. I've tried several combos
of select (*) but I'm not getting it.   

2. I'm using a web based page to access my client's
database server.  So far so good.  Now we're at a
point where we need to load a file into one of the
tables.  Am I to assume that the file I'm about to
load needs to be in the same directory as the
database?  I guess I can play with the path but the
file still needs to be ftp'd onto the server. Anyone
has any experience with this?




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Help with a select statementYuval Malchi4 Oct
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