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From:Scott Helms Date:September 18 2003 11:56am
Subject:Re: Performance Problems
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>  The main table is rather huge, it has 90 columns and now after
> three month it has 500.000 records... but in the end it has to store data of
> 36 month.
Hmm, I think you had better look at normalizing your data, and creating
indexes.  Start with the indexes since that won't force you to make any
other changes, but 90 columns in one table sound like you put everything
in that one table rather than normalizing.  Take a look at this article
for some (somewhat dated) info.

Also what version of MySQL are you running and what table type? 
Have you looked at the processes that are running when run your query?

mysqladmin -p process

Will show what is happening, another very useful tool is mytop:

Scott Helms

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