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From:Harald Tijink Date:September 18 2003 11:20am
Subject:Re: Performance Problems
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Do you use indexes?


In my system a retrieval from a 24 million records table (3 columns) with a
result of 25 records only took 0.09 sec and 24 million records table with 5
columns 0.25 sec


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Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 11:24 AM
Subject: Performance Problems

> Hei :)
> I have an extreme performance problem with a MySQL-DB.
> The database consists of 21 tables where all except three are storing only
> few records. Two have about 150.000 records but they are only used
> temporary. The main table is rather huge, it has 90 columns and now after
> three month it has 500.000 records... but in the end it has to store data
> 36 month.
> But since the table has grown to over 350.000 records I ran into massive
> performance problems. Querying for one record (Example: SELECT sendnr FROM
> pool where sendnr = 111073101180) takes 8 seconds via command line!
> The table is indexed and i put the my-huge.cnf into /etc/ as my.cnf
> How can I get more performance out of the mysql?
> The server which currently only hosts this database and is running
> with php4 for providing results via intranet.
> The OS is FreeBSD 5.1.
> We are running two servers with the same enviroment
> One is a DualXeon 2.4ghz (with HT), 3GB RAM, 105GB HD (RAID5)
> the other one is a P4 with 2.4ghz, 1GB RAM and 120GB HD
> The Dual is the Productionserver, the P4 the developement- and test
> The querey takes that long on BOTH machines so it seems clear the DB
> is causing the performance problem.
> So anyone can help? This is really urgend and will save my life :)
> Big thanks in advance.
> Pacem,
> Matthias Schonder
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