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From:Jason Linden Date:September 17 2003 6:32pm
Subject:RE: MySQL/Cron problem
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Tried it... didn't do anything.  Also, there are 11 different instances
of mysql running.  Any ideas why?  Or is that just how it works?

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Subject: Re: MySQL/Cron problem

Hmmm, have you tried putting is a folling mysqladmin flush-threads

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From: Jason Linden [mailto:jlinden@stripped] 
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Subject: MySQL/Cron problem

I am fairly new to both linux and mysql. I have a cron job that runs
every minute to move data from one mysql table to another (both tables
are in the same database), see below:
Cron job is:
mysql -u *** --password=*** syslog < /var/scripts/updsysklog2
Script is:
INSERT INTO sysklog2 (machine,facility,priority,logdate,logtime,message)
SELECT machine, facility, priority, cast(left(date1,8) as date) as
logdate, cast(right(date1,6) as time) as logtime, message FROM sysklog;
DELETE FROM sysklog;
The problem I am having is every time this runs it adds ~250k to memory
and doesn't release it then server locks up every 5 or 6 days. 
Any ideas on how to fix this?

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