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From:Daniel Baughman Date:September 15 2003 3:43pm
Subject:Re: Querys Dropped/Connections Lost
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I don't seem to have a my.cnf file.  Maybe I should create one.


>Can you send you're my.cnf options in /etc? You might have wait-timeout

- Dathan Vance Pattishall
  - Sr. Programmer and mySQL DBA for FriendFinder Inc.

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-->Subject: Querys Dropped/Connections Lost
-->I have a mysql server running on a dual processor pentium 233 (a real
-->house :) ).  And I have serveral php web sites that access it
-->of about 15 reads results in the following error being generated:
-->MySQL said:
-->Lost connection to MySQL server during query
-->Anyone got a fix or have heard of that before?
-->Daniel Baughman
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