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From:Matt W Date:September 11 2003 3:00am
Subject:Re: FULLTEXT feature requests
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Hi Shane,

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From: "Shane Allen"
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Subject: FULLTEXT feature requests

> The only reason that we are unable to use a stock build of mysql is
> because
> 1) we use GWS_FREQ as our GWS_IN_USE, not GWS_PROB

Why is that exactly...? To get around the 50% threshold? Like the manual
says, "by doing this you *severely* decrease MySQL's ability to provide
adequate relevance values for the MATCH() function. If you really need
to search for such common words, it would be better to search using IN
BOOLEAN MODE instead, which does not observe the 50% threshold."

> 2) we have a custom stopword list

This is run-time configurable. :-) Look at the ft_stopword_file
variable. Every "word" in the file is used as a stopword. "Word" being
defined the same as the indexing parser uses.

> Is there any reason that these two settings, like FT_MIN_WORD_LENGTH,
> cannot be moved to runtime-configurable params? Obviously, changing
> either setting would require a rebuild of the FT index(es), but then,

I just wish ft_min_word_len would be 3 by *default*, so we wouldn't have
to change it. :-D


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> Shane Allen <shane@stripped>

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