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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 4 2003 5:43pm
Subject:Re: ISAM....the name sounds so familiar....
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In the last episode (Sep 05), Chris Nolan said:
> One of my clients has two applications running on SCO OpenServer (I
> said a naughty word...oh dear...) boxes. Personally, I have major
> personal and professional problems with this current arrangement and
> am trying as quickly as possible to move them away from these ancient
> things.
> Interestingly, both of the applications in question (written in COBOL
> for reasons I fail to understand) both mention ISAM storage engines
> when starting. Is there any relationship here to the storage engine
> MySQL uses as it's default? I'm just looking for an easy way of
> pulling this data out should it be needed for whatever reason and
> would prefer to do it with a proper database, written in a proper
> language, running on a proper operating system (preferably running on
> a proper server platform, like an x86-64 box).

ISAM just stands for "indexed sequential access method"; basically any
flat file database with an optional separate index file can be called
ISAM.  MySQL almost certainly will not be able to open those databases.

	Dan Nelson
ISAM....the name sounds so familiar....Chris Nolan4 Sep
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