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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 4 2003 1:48am
Subject:Re: mysqlimport problems
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At 0:34 +0100 9/4/03, Neil Belch wrote:
>Hi all, new to the list and new to mySQL...
>I've only been at it for a few days and am looking at importing text 
>files to databases.
>I'm having trouble with mysqlimport and would appreciate any help or 
>solutions as to what I'm doing wrong - I'm sure its a dumb mistake!
>I tried LOAD DATA INFILE and it worked fine. Here's the code I used for it:
>LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'master_name.txt'
>INTO TABLE master_name
>This works fine. Every record is in the table and all the data is in there.
>When I try the same thing with mysqlimport, the records are there 
>but there's no data in any of the fields!
>The code I used for it:
>mysqlimport -L -h localhost -u supercontact -ppassword 
>--fields-terminated-by=::: --fields-enclosed-by=\" 
>--lines-terminated-by=\r\n contactDB master_name.txt
>However, that whole command above won't fit on the DOS prompt in one 
>go, so I have to enter most of the options in one command, then the 
>remaining ones along with the db name and txt file in a second 
>command - it seems to work as the records are still added but 
>there's no data.

Eh? That can't work; you must enter all the arguments in a *single* command.

You may be able to shorten the command by omitting -h localhost, it
should default to the local host anyway.  Or you could put options in
an option file such as C:\my.cnf:



Of course, if you don't want to use those options the next time you
run mysqlimport, you'll need to remove them from the option file.

>(On another note, is there a way to fit the command onto one line in 
>the DOS prompt?)
>Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Neil Belch

Paul DuBois, Senior Technical Writer
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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