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From:Martin Ramsch Date:October 1 1999 7:04pm
Subject:Re: question 1
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Hello Roberto,

on Fri, 1999-10-01 13:42:27 +0200, you wrote:
> My name is Roberto and i’m working on MYSQL-3.20.32a for Linux. 
> I’m using C/C++ as programming language. 
> I have a problem to solve an kindly as you for your help: 

Well, I'll try to help ...

But I wonder, why didn't you ask on the MySQL mailing list, but wrote
directly to me?  Maybe somebody else could have answered within
minutes ...

> How can I readdress a query (Select ..)  into a variable or
> structure based in the code C/C++ ?
> Example : 
> Select ... From ...INTO  < local_variable> 

I've never programmed an SQL query with C or C++, yet, but for the C
API just have a look at chapter "20.1 MySQL C API" of the MySQL
Reference Manual, and there especially at examples and

For the MySQL C++ API see
<URL: >.
There should be plenty of documentation ...


PS: Please note, that the stroke character you typed in "i’m" (I did
    copy and paste here) is no standard apostrophe, but a Windows
    specific non-standard accent character, which actually displays
    here as "i\222m" (which shows me, that this is the character with
    the octal code 222 = decimal 146).
    If you want that others can read your mails without problems, you
    should avoid the Windows-only characters in the code range from
    128 to 159!
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