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From:Josep Curto Date:April 7 1999 1:33pm
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I have a table with this definition:

( int ID_Objecte, longblob Imatge )

I use JDBC to INSERT rows to this table with a JAVA program, and all works
fine. the FIELD "Imatge" contents a JPG File.

The problem is with "SELECT" queries. I want to select individual Rows with
a SQL String Like:

SELECT * FROM imatges WHERE id_objecte=5

If the row I want to select has a longblob field with 65000bytes or less,
all works fine, and I can
read the longblob field "Imatge" to visualize the JPG file.
If the row is 70000bytes, for example (or more), I get an empty set with 0
rows selected without any error.
With MYSQLMANAGER I get the same problem.

I've tried to change parameters to MYSQLD incrementing the buffers but I
didn't resolve my problem. Actually , I start MYSQLD with:

mysqld -O max_allowed_packet=900000 -O thread_stack=300000 --big-tables -O

I think only max_allowed_packet option afects me, because with a small
value, I can't do INSERTs with LONGBLOB FIELDS

Any sugestion?


Josep Curto

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