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From:Matt W Date:September 1 2003 2:19am
Subject:Re: spaces in index name
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From: "Benjamin KRIEF"
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 8:17 PM
Subject: Re: spaces in index name

> thanks for all your answers ! i'd never imagine that mailing-list to
> so active and efficient!

It's usually not that active on weekends, volume-wise. And I see Roger
and Dan had already replied before me. :-)

> matt : does mysql locks the table during the whole alter table

Yes, with a read lock on non-Windows systems. So the table can still be
read from but UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE queries will wait (and they will
block subsequent reads if they're not LOW_PRIORITY). On Windows, the
table is completely locked while ALTER TABLE is running. From

"While you are executing an ALTER TABLE statement, the table is locked
from usage by other threads. This has to do with the fact that on
Windows, you can't delete a file that is in use by another threads. (In
the future, we may find some way to work around this problem.)"

Hope that helps.


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