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From:gord barq Date:August 25 2003 8:35pm
Subject:Finding warnings/skips from mysqlimport
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I'm importing ~2000 rows using mysqlimport with the following syntax:

mysqlimport -d  -v --ignore  -u root -p[rootpw] [database] [tablename].txt

Connecting to localhost
Selecting database [database]
Deleting the old data from table [tablename]
Loading data from SERVER file: /[path]/[tablename] into [tablename]
[database].[tablename]: Records: 1780  Deleted: 0  Skipped: 39  Warnings: 
Disconnecting from localhost

But even with verbose on it doesn't tell me what the warnings are, or what 
rows were skipped. Where can I find that information?


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Finding warnings/skips from mysqlimportgord barq25 Aug