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From:Mike Morton Date:August 25 2003 5:37pm
Subject:Multi-table query in one select - possible?
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Runnint Mysql 3.23.47

I have the following two tables:
    ->product_code varchar
    ->email varchar
    ->date_added date
    ->code varchar
    ->name varchar
    ->other stuff that is not important

Essencially - I want to get a count of the product codes that are in the
backorder_notification table ordered by count then by product name and
output the display:

Code    Name    Count

I am using PHP to do the connect, query and display.

Right now I have the following code:
$res=mysql_query("select distinct product_code from backorder_notifications
order by product_code");

while($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
    $pres=mysql_query("select name from products where
     $cres=mysql_query("select count(product_code) as total from
backorder_notifications where product_code='$row[0]'",$c);
      print "      

And while this works, it sorts only by product code.  I am looking for
help/advice on how to put this into one query so I only have to loop through
a result set once without doing all sorts of other connections.

As you can see I am using MYSQL 3 - so no union queries - and I cannot
upgrade the database since it is on a host provider.

Any assistance is appreciated!



Mike Morton

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Multi-table query in one select - possible?Mike Morton25 Aug
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