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From:Jon Drukman Date:August 22 2003 1:24am
Subject:Re: RAID or not?
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Lefevre, Steven wrote:

> I say go with RAID 5, on a controller card.
> Mirroring just gives you backup, and you lose half your diskspace. It offers
> no performance benefit, and actually the computer might have to work harder
> to make sure the drives are in sync.

that is not true.  mirroring gives you double the read speed and half 
the write speed.  RAID5 gives you less than half the write speed.

that's why i said if your database app is mostly selects go for 
mirroring.  the OP said his app is about 50% select, so i say mirroring 
is a good choice.

and hey, what's wrong with having a backup?  the computer doesn't work 
any harder, it's all handled through the RAID controller card anyway.


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