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From:Steven Lefevre Date:August 21 2003 5:20pm
Subject:RE: RAID or not?
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I say go with RAID 5, on a controller card.

Mirroring just gives you backup, and you lose half your diskspace. It offers
no performance benefit, and actually the computer might have to work harder
to make sure the drives are in sync.

Disk striping makes things *fast*, BUT THERE IS NO PROTECTION. If you lose a
drive, you are screwed; hope you have a backup.

Raid 5 spreads data out over all the disks, and keeps one for checksums or
whatever. You lose only one drive to the checksum.

You get better performance than mirroring or regular drive, because the data
is spread out over your drives. It's not as good as disk striping, though.

You get great redudancy, because if you lose one disk, the RAID still
operates (in 'degraded mode') -- it's slower, but the server is still up.
When you get your replacement drive in, you just hook it up, and the RAID
rebuilds itself.

So, all in all, RAID 5 gives fault tolerance and better performance.

You can have the OS do the RAID, but that puts a lot of burden on the
processor and OS. I recommend getting a RAID card, and not a cheap one,
either. Plan on spending ~$500.

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On Thursday 21 August 2003 2:23, Jon Drukman wrote:
> if you're mostly running SELECTs then i would recommend a mirrored
> configuration.

I would say I am running about %50 SELECTS, 30% UPDATE, 20% INSERT.  However
don't know how to find that out for sure.

Would that affect how I set up the RAID?


jackson miller

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