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From:Per Andreas Buer Date:August 21 2003 3:37pm
Subject:Re: RAID or not?
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Jackson Miller <jackson@stripped> writes:

> I have 4 SCSI drives currently.

Well, is you want Redundancy you don't have a choice. Mirror them. 2x 2

You might want to put OS and write-ahead-log on one and
InnoDB/MyISAM-data on the other.

> I would like to have 1 drive run the OS,
> 1 drive to be the MySQL data directory
> and 1 drive to be InnoDB (possibly raw partition).

Why do you want to use both backends? MyISAM and InnoDB have their own
index-cache (key_buffer and innodb_buffer_pool), so you might be better
off with just one of them. 

> What is the best way for me to configure RAID?
> Here is the kind of load I am talking about:
> Uptime: 1749850  Threads: 44  Questions: 1266402021  Slow queries: 16923  
> Opens: 162177  Flush tables: 1  Open tables: 64  Queries per second avg: 
> 723.720

These figures are useless. 723q/s is nothing if the layout is simple or
the dataset is small or if these are only selects. I've seen quite old
servers do 7000q/s with little or no tuning.

Per Andreas Buer
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