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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:September 30 1999 7:29pm
Subject:join help
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hi there...

i'm having trouble with my first join.  here's what i've got:

table games
gam_name varchar(100)
gam_developer int
gam_publisher int

table companies

gam_developer and gam_publisher contain an int matching a com_id.

there are other things, but this is the gist:  both gam_developer and 
gam_publisher refer to the "companies" table.  i need to do a select 
that will return any subset of games, but with the company names 
rather than their id numbers.

so i would get back:

Game 1 | Cool Games, Inc.  | Cool Publisher, Inc.
Game 2 | Other Games, Inc. | Other Publishing, Inc.

i am suspecting i need to do some kind of join, but i'm having 
difficulty understanding the concept.  can someone help out?


Marc Antony Vose

Always examine the motives of those in power.
-- Socrates
join helpMarc Antony Vose30 Sep
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