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From:Colin McKinnon Date:September 30 1999 4:17pm
Subject:Re: MySQL help questions for ANYONE!
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At 06:00 30/09/99 PDT, Andrew Breeden wrote:
>------This is the error I can't get around----------
>mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
>error: 'Access denied for user: '##########@localhost' (Using password: YES 
I got the same message using the wrong password. Not sure if it also
happens when the user doesn't have the required priveleges.

Have you got a copy of the manual yet? See address at bottom of page.

>  This occurs when I try to create tables and try the mysqladmin command.  
>Does the above error mean my permissions are not properly setup? I realize 
>I'm showing my ignorance here, but I really need to know what I'm doing 
Might have been an idea to include the command you ran to get the error.

>  I understand that in order to properly administer my MySQL database I must 
>do so via command line arguments. 
Depends what you want to do...

>If this is the case, does this mean I need 
>to Telenet into the SQL server? 
It make life a lot easier if you can use the command line tools; mysql,
mysqladmin (and isamchk if your hosts will give you access to it).

>What administrative commands are prohibited 
>by a hosting service?
Thats up to your service providers. You could ask them to send you the
relevant entries in their host & user tables. Its probably a good idea to
stay well away from isamchk for the time being. If the instance of mysql
you're using contains other peoples dbs then they probably won't let you do
more than create/alter/drop tables & indices (and insert, select, update
and delete data). In this case its very unlikely you will have / need
access to isamchk.

>  I intend to allow the visitors to my site to submit info. to a database, 
>and peruse the contents of several tables. Do I have to place all my data 
>driven content and Admin PHP scripts on the SQL server?
No - they should be on the (any) web server, and the permissions need to be
set up so that the data can be accesed from that host.

>  Should I place my PHP scripts which access MySQL in the same directory as 
>my database? Where is my database directory located?
Depends how it was compiled/installed. Because the client connects via a
socket, the path to the database files doesn't matter.

>  Any information and/or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated 
>as it would help me avoid complex and costly mistakes!

I suggest you ask your service providers to let you know 
	if they set up a database for you to play in
	what your username is
	what your password is (if none - ask them to create one)
	if they have setup another account for you to use in your published scripts

I tend to use mysql for creating databases as it's more interactive; I only
use mysqladmin when I've been messing with the configuration to refresh the
security control tables.

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