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From:Dathan Vance Pattishall Date:August 18 2003 6:10pm
Subject:RE: Table locking...
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-->I just have a question about the table locking in 3.23.56. If I am
-->inserting a
-->row into a table that is MyISAM type, is the entire table locked?
And, if
-->what does this mean for concurrent selects?

Yes the table is locked. The table is locked on reads / writes. It's not
a bad thing necessarily since there are 2 types of locks. Immediate
locks and wait locks. Immediate locks are very fast locks, most of the
traffic is probably immediate locks and applications rarely see the
affect. Wait locks are the killer and can bring down the system from a
highly used application point of view. Disk configuration, indexes,
queries, traffic, etc. all influence these 2 types of locks.

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