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From:Joel Rees Date:August 18 2003 2:32am
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl?
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> People tell me that PHP is THE way to do database work with mysql.
> The thing is, I'm familiar with Perl and it has all kinds of neat
> string manipulation stuff and LWP.

People have opinions. My personal opinion, but I think of PHP as Perl
with all the warts filed off, but I also think they filed off a little
too much. 

Most of the cutting edge development is still done in Perl, and the
rought edges still show in places, and I think that's part of the reason
many people prefer PHP. If you are just starting out with MySQL, I don't
think you're going to find yourself playing with cutting edge libraries,

If you know Perl, PHP is not going to be hard to pick up. But if you
don't have a customer speccing PHP, go ahead and use Perl to learn MySQL
so you aren't learning too many things at once.

When you get a chance to pick up PHP and find yourself wondering where
some library is, look at Pear ( Pear isn't CPAN, but it is
becoming the umbrella project for libraries for PHP.

Perl 6 and PHP 5 will have some rather drastic changes, which I am
looking forward too. And Java can profitably be used with MySQL, and
PostGreSQL can be mixed in at will, and ...

Joel Rees, programmer, Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

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