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From:Markus Jais Date:August 17 2003 8:55pm
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl?
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 I am no PHP expert but I find it quite easy to move from Perl to PHP.
 PHP too has a huge standard library with lots of useful functions and it
 has PEAR, something similar to CPAN.
 but when I develop MySQL appliction (mainly for myself at the moment) I
 use Python or Ruby. they are also easy to learn and are very clean
 languages. and Ruby is quite similar to Perl but fully OOP.
 and Ruby and Python also have great standard libraries. in Python there
 is for example urlib and urllib2 as a replacement for LWP. and Ruby also
 hat stuff for this in the standard library and the Ruby Application
 just my experiences.
 check out
 On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 07:17, Mark Healey wrote:
 > As part of my own learning mysql project I'm planning to build
 > databases for all my books and DVD's.  Stephen Hawking is probably
 > a better typist than I am so I plan to use barcodes to get the info
 > ,taking the information from various web sites.
 > People tell me that PHP is THE way to do database work with mysql.
 > The thing is, I'm familiar with Perl and it has all kinds of neat
 > string manipulation stuff and LWP.
 > Does PHP have comprable libraries (especially LWP) and how difficult
 > is it to move from Perl.
 > I hope I don't start a relegious war here I just want some advice.
 > Mark Healey
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