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From:Tim Johnson Date:August 17 2003 5:11pm
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl? (or Rebol via TCP/IP)
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> > I hope I don't start a relegious war here I just want some advice.
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> > Mark Healey
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I program with C, C++, python and rebol. My partner use perl.
We do lots of stuff with MySql. My hands-down favorite is rebol.
I find more code-efficient than any other language that I have
used in my career. And it delivers sizzling performance from
mysql on a TCP/IP connection (rather than using shared binaries).

Like perl, rebol is easy to get off the ground with and there are
multiple ways to do anything. (including roll-your-own control
structures). given rebol's performance, I'm going to investigate
using C on a socket connection to MySql...

Just my thoughts.... 

My brother is a project engineer with motorola .... they use
lots of both rebol and perl. Perl for regex and rebol for
socket work. Although I believe that you can harness regex
directly with mysql, I haven't done anything more than simple
Tim Johnson <tim@stripped>
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