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From:Jackson Miller Date:August 17 2003 1:56am
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl?
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On Saturday 16 August 2003 8:44, O'K Web Design wrote:
> Hi Mark
>       I can only tell you about my experience from the Perl side of things.
> The integration to the database is great and the amount of things you can
> do with the data once you get it in the script is the biggest bonus.  My
> feeling is that a combination of the two would probably be the best.  Any
> pages that just list your records, I would build in PHP.  Any that involve
> handling the data before output, I would use Perl.  Mike

I have yet to come upon data handling that I can do in Perl that I can't do in 
PHP.  PHP is pretty robust in that area.  The biggest advantage to Perl that 
I see is that there are more libraries and such available for Perl, but the 
PHP community is working on that.


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> Subject: PHP or Perl?
> > As part of my own learning mysql project I'm planning to build
> > databases for all my books and DVD's.  Stephen Hawking is probably
> > a better typist than I am so I plan to use barcodes to get the info
> > ,taking the information from various web sites.
> >
> > People tell me that PHP is THE way to do database work with mysql.
> > The thing is, I'm familiar with Perl and it has all kinds of neat
> > string manipulation stuff and LWP.
> >
> > Does PHP have comprable libraries (especially LWP) and how difficult
> > is it to move from Perl.
> >
> > I hope I don't start a relegious war here I just want some advice.
> >
> >
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