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From:mos Date:August 16 2003 10:08pm
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl?
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At 12:17 AM 8/16/2003, you wrote:
>As part of my own learning mysql project I'm planning to build
>databases for all my books and DVD's.  Stephen Hawking is probably
>a better typist than I am so I plan to use barcodes to get the info
>,taking the information from various web sites.
>People tell me that PHP is THE way to do database work with mysql.
>The thing is, I'm familiar with Perl and it has all kinds of neat
>string manipulation stuff and LWP.
>Does PHP have comprable libraries (especially LWP) and how difficult
>is it to move from Perl.
>I hope I don't start a relegious war here I just want some advice.

         Perl is a much richer (larger) programming language than PHP. PHP 
is best suited for designing webpages whereas Perl is a more universal tool 
(you can use it for just about anything). The only advantage of PHP is that 
it runs faster than Perl which may be important if a lot of people are 
accessing your web page. But if you are running this application locally on 
your hard disk (not as a web page), then probably C++ will give you the 
fastest possible application.


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