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From:Amer Neely Date:August 16 2003 9:10pm
Subject:Re: PHP or Perl?
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> As part of my own learning mysql project I'm planning to build
> databases for all my books and DVD's.  Stephen Hawking is probably
> a better typist than I am so I plan to use barcodes to get the info
> ,taking the information from various web sites.
> People tell me that PHP is THE way to do database work with mysql.
> The thing is, I'm familiar with Perl and it has all kinds of neat
> string manipulation stuff and LWP.

Not to mention
> Does PHP have comprable libraries (especially LWP) and how difficult
> is it to move from Perl.

They're called 'classes' and there are quite a number out there.

> I hope I don't start a relegious war here I just want some advice.
> Mark Healey
> mylists@stripped

I've used both for development, most recently for an application
involving POP mail accounts. I'd say if you're already doing Perl you
might as well stick with it - it's the grand-daddy after all. They are
so close syntax-wise what's the point of learning another language
unless it's got some overwhelming advantage?

PHP is good if you don't have access to CGI, but you have to make sure
all the necessary things are turned on at the server level. For example,
I had written my email app in PHP but discovered that I needed imap
turned on, which my ISP didn't have, and wasn't going to. So back to
Perl. Any modules you need can be installed locally and there is just so
much more available, being a more mature language.

As far as accessing MySQL I don't see any advantage to using PHP over
Perl - all the same features are available. One thing I don't like about
PHP is having my form variables named after field names. I'd rather
control my own names thank you very much.
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