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From:Darin Isola Date:April 6 1999 8:51pm
Subject:RE: Alter Table Help
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Sorry for the basic question,  I _was_ confused by the ALTER docs.  That worked fine,

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On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 01:42:11PM -0700, Darin Isola wrote:
> Can someone please tell me how to alter this table so the field
> 'summary_path' will chamge to a blob.

What about the manual entry for ALTER TABLE isn't clear?  Here's
how you'd do it (assuming the table is named 'table_name'):

    ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE summary_path summary_path BLOB;

In the most recent versions of MySQL you could use:

    ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY summary_path BLOB;


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