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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 30 1999 2:12am
Subject:Re: substring mysql
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At 9:58 AM -0500 9/29/99, Thomas ViÈ wrote:
>Hi all,
>No subqueries in Mysql ? So how can I do it :
>I need to select from a table, all the records where a field equals a
>string coming from any record of another Table. I.e. in a normal SQL
>query would be :
>SELECT field1 FROM table1 WHERE field1 IN (SELECT field2 FROM table2)
>(I'm not sure about this one)

SELECT table1.field1
FROM table1, table2
WHERE table1.field1 = table2.field2

>2nd question : what if I want to check if field2 in this example is a
>substring of field1 ?

SELECT table1.field1
FROM table1, table2
WHERE INSTR(table1.field1,table2.field2)

>I'm in trouble, checked all docs, if you're in the mood, thanks for
>Thomas - tvie@stripped
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