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From:Daevid Vincent Date:April 6 1999 7:49pm
Subject:Re: sql-bench problems
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Michael Widenius wrote:

> Daevid> I tried to execute the bencmarks for mySQL, but they don't seem to work
> for me?
> Daevid> [root=ttyp1]# ./run-all-tests --server=mysql --cmp=mysql,pg,solid --log
> Daevid> Warning: Can't execute ATIS.  Check the file
> Daevid> 'output/ATIS-mysql-Linux_2.0.36_i686-cmp-mysql,pg,solid'
> Daevid> Warning: Can't execute alter-table.  Check the file
> Daevid> Test finished. You can find the result in:
> Daevid> output/RUN-mysql-Linux_2.0.36_i686-cmp-mysql,pg,solid
> Please check any of the above files for a reason why the benchmark doesn't work!

Those files don't tell me anything useful as to why they failed.

> Have you installed perl DBI/msql-mysql-modules;  If not, install these and try again
> ?

I just compiled and installed them to be sure, with no errors...

also, I ran and got an error and changed the following line:
require "./server-cfg" || die "Can't read Configuration file: $!\n";

then it at least kinda ran...

[root=ttyp1]12:47pm{/usr/local/sql-bench}> ./
Can't locate object method "connect" via package "DBI" at ./server-cfg line 191.

trying to re-run the benchmarks anyways:

[root=ttyp2]12:30pm{/usr/local/sql-bench}> ./run-all-tests --server=mysql
--cmp=mysql,pg,solid --user=root --password=XXXXX
Got error: 'Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)' when
to DBI:mysql:test:localhost with user: 'root' password: 'XXXXX'

and it is the correct XXXX password. because if I do
mysql> select * from user where Password = password('XXXXX');
I do get the root account among others showing up.

> You have to be able to run the benchmarks first..

sorta a catch 22 then 'eh ;-)

> load-ballance between different machines will not help that much;
> Having a multi-cpu machines gives you MUCH more performance.

good to know...

> The easiest way is to get the benchmark suite to run!

sure, rub it in...

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