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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 29 1999 5:09pm
Subject:Load Data Local Infile
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>>>>> "bpaduraru" == bpaduraru  <bpaduraru@stripped> writes:

bpaduraru> Hi,
bpaduraru> I have a small quuestion.
bpaduraru> If the file from wich I'll load the data has some lines wich don't
bpaduraru> correspond to the table format, they will be skipped without errors?
bpaduraru> Until now it seems they are skipped...
bpaduraru> The table has a primary key on all the fields.

bpaduraru> Bogdan Paduraru
bpaduraru> software engineer - Petar (

Try calling 'mysql_info' after you have done 'LOAD FILE';  This will
contain some information if everyting went ok.

Load Data Local Infilebpaduraru28 Sep
  • Load Data Local InfileMichael Widenius29 Sep