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From:Andy Jackman Date:August 2 2003 11:47pm
Subject:Re: NON web based client server applications
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1) There's an interesting virus alert attached to your message.
2) >> what front end tools should i think of using for dataentry clients
IMHO, the answer is 'the web'. Is there a good reason why you don't want
to do that? I realise that JSP is an obvious choice and perhaps like me
you think it sucks, but it's the best of a bad lot. PHP and perl are
other options. You won't need more hardware than your mysql server if
you run something like apache tomcat for just 4 users. 

The web/intranet brings all the advantages of not having to install and
update software (except on the server). For smaller project we actually
use visual basic 6 with a JSP 'gateway' that passes messages back and
forth between web clients and the VB program. So we get all the
advantages of VB (well known, easy to use, great debugger, easy to
print!) but the down sides are: We need a windows OS to run the VB (but
it need not be a 'server'), VB can be slower than raw JSP and you need
to keep an eye on the VB program cos if it crashes the whole shooting
match goes down.

I'd be interested in the other answers.

Java: A sledgehammer to crack a nut? No, more like a sledgehammer to
paddle a canoe.

KB wrote:
> hi all,
>  i am a new-bie,
> should i even think of using mySQL in the following scenario ?
> i have a situation in mind where two or three ( sometimes concurrently ) people will
> be making invoices, on three computers in different locations on lan.
> what front end tools should i think of using for dataentry clients ?
> how can i print invoices from the database, on a specific printer only, when somebody
> ( with a username and pswd ) gives a command from anywhere on the Lan / intranet.
> kb
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