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From:Jim Lawson Date:April 6 1999 5:57pm
Subject:mysql 3.22.20a/IRIX 6.5 DSO problems
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We recently upgraded to mysql 3.22.20a (from 3.22.13) and we are starting
to have dynamic library problems.

The symlink seems to point to the current version of
the shared library.  However, old binaries linked against mysqlclient
complain loudly when we try to run them:

For example, apache-1.3.4 / PHP 3.0.7 with mysql reports:

Cannot load /local/apache-1.3.4-19990301/libexec/ into server:
140175:/local/apache-1.3.4-19990301/bin/httpd: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot find object with version 5.0

If we remove the symbolic link, or point it to an older version, Apache/PHP
starts but then the mysql client itself reports:

131666:mysql: rld: Warning: Version Search Suppressed Because Object in
liblist has non-sgi interface version (6.0)
131666:mysql: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully Map soname '' under
any of the filenames

It seems that the IRIX runtime linker has a problem with the major version #
of libmysqlclient (6.0).  

I've tried relinking the clients with the new shared library, and they all 
work, save the most important client - Apache/PHP/MySQL, which segfaults
when I try to start the server with linked against the new 

Anyone else running the latest MySQL under IRIX 6.5?

Jim Lawson                                              237 Votey Building
EM Computer Facility                             The University of Vermont
						      Burlington, VT 05405
mysql 3.22.20a/IRIX 6.5 DSO problemsJim Lawson6 Apr
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